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Chichester pet funerals

The loss of your pet may be the first experience your children have had of loss and bereavement. The process of remembering the pet with photos, poems, letters and ceremony may well be therapeutic as it gives them a feeling that they have contributed to something positive. It’s certainly a touching sentiment to thank our pets for all the faithful friendship and love over the years.

We have also linked up with Helen Horsey of Dylans Wish; Helen is a qualified pet bereavement counsellor and she may be able to help.

Remembering Your Pet

When a pet dies, it can feel to some as devastating as the loss of a human member of the family, Yet there is no formal way of saying a similar farewell as we usually do for humans.

When pets are living amongst us, we do our utmost to make them feel as if they are one of the family and so when they die, it is almost as if we have lost a significant character from among our closest loved ones. So why not say goodbye and ‘thank you’ to them for all they have meant to us.

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The Pet Funerals Team

Pet Farewells & Funerals has teamed up with James of The Meadows, an independent Pet Crematorium based in Chichester and specialising in individual, respectful and dignified cremations. James is also well placed to supply any memorials you may wish to have for your pet and if you simply require a pet cremation, please contact him directly by clicking the link above.

Pet Funerals in Chichester

Your Options

For my part, I will create and conduct a personalised and sensitive ceremony of farewell, either at The Meadows Pet Crematorium or at a place of your choosing such as your garden or perhaps a favourite walk.

The most simple package we offer is the bronze pet funeral package, offering cremation, return of the ashes and a unique 30 minutes farewell ceremony; this costs £275.

For details of all our other pet funeral packages, please click here.

Just send me a message or give me a call for more info and we will make a plan.