Funeral Ceremony

I create and deliver modern funeral ceremonies and bespoke life celebrations in Chichester and beyond by
stepping away from the norm!

My recommended funeral directors will liaise directly with you to complete all the legalities. I have partners in Chichester, West Sussex and beyond. I will also be there for you if you need me. I will be at the end of my phone. After cremation, the ashes will be returned to you. There are many unique choices out there for how best to value the ashes and I am happy to chat these through with you when the time is right.

Thus you will have more time for yourself and your healing. When you’re ready, we can plan your ideal farewell ceremony.

Just make one phone call

Funeral Ceremony Farewell Service

Over the past few years, cremation has increasingly become the number one choice of funeral service in the U.K. for all sorts of different reasons. Inevitably perhaps, this has led to limited choices as to how unique and inspiring a service of farewell can be.

We all know that uncomfortable feeling of being ushered along so the “next funeral” isn’t held up. It is normal nowadays for cremations to happen ‘back to back’, usually leaving around twenty minutes to get seated, listen to the eulogy, hear some anecdotes and perhaps a couple of pieces of relevant music. Then take your leave. Next…!

 You can do things differently.

Some of the funeral ceremony choices I can offer you

Direct cremation

This is the option where your deceased loved one is taken away and cared for with dignity until their remains can be cremated without any service or attendees.

Attended direct cremation

This option allows a few people to attend the cremation. There is no service provided at the time, simply the opportunity to be there.

Private chapel service

I can officiate a very small, highly personalised ceremony in the private chapel of one of my funeral director partners while the deceased is cared for and before removal for cremation.

Natural Burial

A traditional burial has what is arguably the worse impact on the environment because of the elements used in the process.

As a forward thinking funeral provider, I would encourage a more modern, less toxic approach in the form of a natural burial. The body is buried in a bio degradable coffin or shroud with the ultimate goal of its return to nature from whence it came.

pet funeral chichester
Pet Funeral Services

The death of a beloved pet can be as devastating as any other loss. Therefore, I am now creating bespoke Pet Funerals and celebration of pet life services in the Chichester area. I have teamed up with The Meadows Pet Crematorium offering inclusive packages. Get the full details about pet funerals in Chichester here.

Other possible stress factors

Coffins & caskets

There are so many different options for you to choose from and we can chat about them, the cost, sustainability and their suitability for your needs. My ethos is very much using eco friendly products whenever possible and I can source them for you accordingly.

Scattering of ashes

It is now well known that the scattering of ashes has a negative impact on our natural world. I have looked around and found other ways in which this old-fashioned practice can be modified, leaving less of a toxic footprint yet forming part of your need to say goodbye.

One such idea comes from a company which has developed a unique urn. The ashes are interred within and they combine to nurture a newly planted sapling of your choice. This is a living and growing memorial of the person who has gone away. This is something I can make happen for you.

There are many other options for the disposal of ashes, one of which is to use a smidgen of them to form a piece of beautiful bespoke jewellery. I have teamed up with an expert in this field and can put you in touch with them if this is an option which appeals to you.

Funeral ceremony orders of service

People have told me that they are fed up with the same cookie-cutter order of service for the ceremony. I have therefore teamed up with some people who will work with us towards something special and unique, without breaking the bank.

The Possibilities are Endless


Just send me a message or give me a call for more info and we will make a plan.