How to choose your Funeral Celebrant for a meaningful ceremony

How to choose your funeral celebrant?

How  do you choose your funeral celebrant when you are faced with the enormity of arranging a loved ones funeral?  It is always worth noting that you don’t have to follow the recommendation of your funeral directors for this poignant and key role! There’s so much choice these days, how do you reliably choose the person who suits you best? There are a number of basic considerations when you are looking to choose your funeral celebrant.

Firstly, do you want a faith-based service or no religion whatsoever? Or perhaps a mix of both?  Generally speaking, people who would like a religious service approach their own local faith leadership and arrangements flow from there.

Finding where your local crematorium is

Choose your funeral celebrant

It is also possible to go for a humanist-led service.  This means researching those who have had specific humanist training; it’s worth remembering that this sort of service outlaws the possibility of any form of afterlife, whether it be heaven, hell or something else.

This can be a tricky mix as many people of an agnostic view don’t want to rule it out together.  There is also the matter of the other mourners, some of whom could be older, close family members and may hold strong religious beliefs. My families often prefer to soften the approach to this issue and that is where, as an experienced and independent local funeral celebrant, I can help.

Using a Funeral Celebrant

How to choose your funeral celebrant when you would like to add some element of faith into the service

I am generally a non-religious service provider but my main focus is creating and delivering what my families want and need from a farewell service for their loved ones.  If this involves prayers, hymns or blessings, so be it.

I took a service recently for a non practising Roman Catholic man who despite his perceived lack of dedication, still wanted the last rites before he died.  His family therefore took the view that some Christian elements would be a comfort and that it was likely he would have welcomed them. I was able to put together some suitable words, a blessing and a committal which pleased the family and other the mourners and helped them in their grief.

Having decided on your choice of religious direction, type ‘ find local funeral celebrant Chichester’ into your search engine.  This will present lots of options.  For myself, I believe that my website is important but I also direct folk to read my local Google reviews for Caroline James Farewells & Funerals. Testimonials  You will then have quite a bit of information to look at, both from me and from my families, to help inform your decision.

It is always advisable to talk to somebody when you are choosing your funeral celebrant and I am happy to meet you and help you with your choices for the funeral ceremony. As an established and recognised funeral celebrant in Chichester and surrounding areas, I have many years experience in helping you make the correct, considered and above all meaningful choices during your funeral  planning process.

In terms of price, most local funeral celebrants charge much the same but there may be an extra fuel payment if you live a long way from the city or for whatever reason, have chosen a more remote crematorium or cemetery so that’s worth checking out.

Now it’s time to pick up the phone….. that old fashioned contact method we all used to love.  It works – you will know pretty quickly if you have found the right person.

Good luck!  I’m listening out for your call!!  Contact me here

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