Terms & Conditions

Funeral Celebrant Fees

Please note :- The following list represents the fees for my time and creativity alone and does not include the cost of any other services such as funeral directors, cremations, burials, venues, musicians, catering or all other ancillary additions.

    • Celebrant led Private chapel service (for up to 10 people) usually lasting half an hour. £240
    • Standard, Celebrant led cremation service £240
    • Creating and officiating a full Celebration of Life service: meeting the family,  sourcing the venue, writing the service, officiating the ceremony and hosting the event costs £350
      A full detailed quote will be provided prior to engagement.
    • Natural Burial. Celebrant led, graveside service £250.
    • Bespoke memorial event organised and officiated by me. £350.

    All other services, travel expenses, entertainment, cost of venues, catering etc will be additional where I will obtain quotes on your behalf and take your instruction.

    All fees quoted above will be payable In full at least two weeks prior to the meeting or occasion.

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