Reflections on Unusual Funeral Venues

Recently I had the privilege of taking a service in a slightly different and unusual funeral venue. It was in a chapel, a stand-alone little chapel, very ancient in the corner of an old cemetery and I created and led the service there.

I’ve had a really busy time of it lately as I have several local funeral directors who have decided they would like to use me to conduct mainly non-religious funeral services on a regular basis for them. Most of my work usually comes from my website so it’s nice to be recognised by local funeral directors.

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I was really looking forward to seeing the chapel; that was the nerve-wracking bit because the first time anywhere new is always rather daunting.

I knew there were no facilities there to speak of, so I took one or two things with me such as my Bluetooth speaker and also a candle, one of those battery-driven ones that flicker in a glass dome. It’s really quite nice since it gives a lovely atmospheric effect.

I just hoped desperately that there would be heating and fortunately there was because it was a bitter but beautiful sunny day.

The whole feeling of it being a unique funeral venue for the service really resonated because it’s such a seldom-used space. In this lovely old, rarely used chapel, everyone felt that the setting was absolutely lovely.

The family said they were very pleased; they were a really nice family and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting them and hearing the story of their mum who had died.

unusual funeral venues

Barns can also make for Unusual Funeral Venues

I know of one funeral director who regularly uses the facilities of a barn in the countryside. It’s a barn that’s used for events and it’s absolutely beautiful. The person who has died can then be taken away at the end of the service to be cremated elsewhere at a different time.

Unusual funeral venues really can make the service beautiful and so unique. It is also possible to stay on in the venue and enjoy sharing some memories and some refreshments rather than going elsewhere.

unusual funeral venue

Do you know that I can’t think of anyone I haven’t enjoyed meeting in my role as a Celebrant? Everyone has a story to tell and I have always loved to meet different people and work with them. This has been at the heart of why I have found my diverse career so rewarding.

The moral of my tale today is, don’t always automatically go with the flow. There are lots of other choices out there and you don’t have to hold your funeral service in a crematorium.

Please Google Caroline James Farewells & Funerals; I’m proud and pleased to say that I have got some lovely reviews on there for you to have a look at and please feel free to get in touch for more information and ideas.

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