Planning Your Own Funeral

Would you like to create your own farewell?

As the Queen grieves for her husband of 73 years, it must be a comfort for her to know that Prince Philip had arranged his funeral just the way he wanted it.

Have you ever thought of planning your own ‘end of life,’ funeral or celebration of life ceremony, right down to the last detail? I am here to help.

Many of us fear the prospect of death and so we try hard not to talk or to think about it, but as the saying goes, “we all know how this ends”. So why not grab the proverbial bull by the horns and take control back by making your own end of life plan for your funeral service? Of course, we know the dangers of not making a will and more recently, lasting powers of attorney have become the norm but what about the service? You can choose everything in advance, from your type of coffin down to the memorial to mark your spot, if that’s what you want to have. There is no right or wrong. Your family or friends will thank you for it when the time comes.

Planning your own funeral – Coffins

The coffin you choose will very much depend on how you wish to deal with the funeral itself. If you have chosen direct cremation (no mourners, no fuss), you might choose the most basic of coffins, made from cardboard. Some crematoriums now allow cremation without a coffin. If you want to be buried in a natural way, it is common to be put into a biodegradable shroud or cloth which fits the purpose The only hard and fast rule in the UK is that a body must be covered in public although Cemeteries may have their own regulations. The range of coffins is quite amazing, as are the possibilities for colours and personalisations.

What you want to wear for your own funeral

You might like to decide what you want to wear for your own funeral. You may like the idea of wearing a particular favourite suit or outfit, something that feels special to you, maybe clothing that holds memories for you. It is possible that no one will know that this is your wish if you haven’t written it down.

Choosing your own funeral Celebrant

If you have chosen a secular service without religious content, you will probably wish to stipulate that a civil funeral celebrant is your choice rather than a minister. In fact, in some situations you might want to choose the celebrant and invite him or her to a meeting to go through your wishes in detail. People find this most empowering and a comfort to them having met the person who is going to give them the send-off they want.

Designing your own funeral service

You can design your own service in as much detail as you wish. Your choice of music and readings is such a meaningful part of any service and you might be surprised at just how touched people are to hear the intimate connection between you and a chosen song. This all brings some comfort to your loved ones. This means you can be as formal or off the wall as you like. You can put your own unique style into your farewell. What could be a better end of life than that?

I am happy to help you with all or any part of these arrangements, suggesting lots of different ways to personalise your send-off so just get in touch by phone or email and let’s have a chat.

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