Planning your own funeral

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Planning your own funeral Chichester and UK garden celebration

End of life funeral planning 

Having that conversation!

We all know how awkward, difficult and painful it can be to chat to your loved ones about death.

This can be really tricky to manage, either from your own perspective as the person who is soon leaving, or your loved ones who can’t imagine life without you.

I can be a bridge between the two – I will come and visit you and your loved ones (or arrange a ‘Zoom’ meeting as this probably works better for everyone) and we can talk about “IT” freely.

Peace of mind

You can plan your own funeral service and end of life celebration if you would like one. Everyone will then know what’s to be done and by whom. I’m sure like many others, you will find some comfort in knowing what’s going to happen in your name. If you decide you do want me to organise it for you, then you will also have met me!

It is highly likely also that you will feel empowered by leaving an imprint of your very soul upon the proceedings, at a time when perhaps you feel you have little control over anything else.

Planning your own funeral
Planning your own funeral

End of Life ~ Tell us what You want to happen


Give me a call or email to arrange a chat about planning your own funeral