I create and deliver modern funeral services and bespoke celebration of life ceremonies in Chichester and beyond by
stepping away from the norm!

Alternative celebration of life ceremony Chichester garden

Celebration of Life

Imagine a Farewell service or celebration where you can invite as many people as you wish (pandemic permitting) without worrying about numbers.

The event can last as long as you want it to and you can decide on the speakers, the eulogies, photographs and the music etc. without worrying about time constraints.

There are just so many wonderfully poignant and memorable ways to make this a unique occasion.

Wherever you like

This celebration of life ceremony can happen wherever you like; in a garden, or any place your loved one has always enjoyed like a pub, woodland, or the harbour. We can decide which time of day suits your vision of the event and together forge some creative options to decide which will best describe the essence of the person through music, poetry and words. In these difficult times, there is nothing to stop you planning the celebration of life ceremony so we are ready when the times comes….

There are so many beautiful venues around the country and I have linked up with other appropriate suppliers to ensure you will have a good choice in front of you. One such local venue is Chichester Yacht Club; I have teamed up with them as their location provides a tranquil and naturally beautiful setting for celebration of life events. CYC also offers high standards of hospitality and excellent facilities. Some of the more simple beauty spots would even be absolutely free!

This is the point where I can lead a unique tribute to your loved one, if you wish me to do so. We will have discussed this in detail and I will have shared with you my script for your occasion. You will then be able to add or remove content and suggest extra selections and choices which you may not previously have been able to do.

If you want something I haven’t heard about, I will source it for you, if it’s possible to do so!

celebration of life ceremony Chichester
Alternative celebration of life ceremony Chichester
celebration of life ceremonies

End of Life

Tell us what You want to happen

If you want to help to shape the ceremony and arrangements for your own funeral, particularly if you have been diagnosed with a terminal illness, call or email me. I will come and visit you (in the presence of course, of your chosen friends) and we can make a plan. How amazing to know your loved ones will see your face and hear your voice in their final farewell to you. In these difficult times, we can arrange a Zoom call for the discussion.

The Possibilities are Endless


Just send me a message or give me a call for more info and we will make a plan.