Pet Funerals in Chichester – A perfect and unique farewell for your beloved furry friend

Pet Funerals Allow us to Say Farewell

We all find it hard when we lose a pet, but what do we tell the children?

Have you ever considered holding a pet funeral?

Caroline James Farewells & Funerals have teamed up with James of The Meadows Pet Crematorium, Chichester to make sure you have all the information, choices and assistance you need to arrange the perfect and unique farewell for your beloved furry friend in the form of a pet funeral.

When a pet dies, it can feel to some as devastating as the loss of a human member of the family, Yet there is no formal way of saying a similar farewell as we usually do for humans.

It might be the first time children go through this heart-rending experience that is so much part of life. By holding pet funerals, families can turn this into a therapeutic learning process for the children, by helping them to arrange a farewell for their beloved pet. In this way, they will learn about loss and grief and hopefully develop strategies to deal better with these challenges in the future.

When pets are living amongst us, we do our utmost to make them feel as if they are one of the family and so when they die, it is almost as if we have lost a significant character from among our closest loved ones. So why not say goodbye and ‘thank you’ to them for all they have meant to us.

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With this in mind, I have teamed up with independent Chichester pet crematorium, The Meadows, to assist with the process of saying farewell. In addition to offering crew action services, they have a peaceful and fitting room which is ideal if you wish to hold your celebration of life ceremony or pet memorial onsite.

We also have linked up with Helen of Dylan’s Wish who is trained to offer pet bereavement counselling. Please just ask for details.

I have three packages available to help with your planning process but of course I can also offer a bespoke package and price if you would prefer. Just contact me and we will chat it through. The service /ceremony would be what you decide you want but would typically involve some music, anecdotes, a poem, perhaps a lighting of a candle. Interment of ashes and setting of the marker if one is ordered. We can hold the service at the Meadows pet crematorium, your garden or in another place of your choosing (with the permission of the landowner).

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1. Bronze Pet Funeral Package

Cremation and return of ashes in cardboard cremation tube.
Personalised Ceremony lasting 15 to 30 minutes. Family consulted for quotes and anecdotes. Ashes interred in ground or pot during ceremony (unless ceremony held at crematorium).


2. Silver Pet Funeral Package

Cremation, interment of ashes ceremony, as for bronze.
A personalised memory board to keep with multiple photos, 605 x 806 mm, set up on an easel for the ceremony.. interment of ashes in prepared place in Garden, plant pot etc during ceremony
Small, coaster size slate plaque as garden marker/memorial


3. Gold Pet Funeral Package

Cremation, interment of ashes, as for silver.
Ceremony up to 1 hr,
A personalised memory board to keep 605 x 806 cm set up on easel for duration of ceremony
Small slate marker – personalised
Planting of chosen sapling or shrubs into unique biodegradable pod which will feed tree and encourage it to flourish from the rich composted ashes of the deceased.



Want to know more? Watch my video explaining our pet funeral services:


Call me on 07342 330017 for an informal chat about your pet funeral in Chichester or the surrounding areas.

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