Should you Follow Funeral Trends?

Is it a good idea to be ‘on trend’ with funerals?

In the year COVID-19 changed the world, even dying is different. Do you know which funeral trends are becoming the new ‘popular’? It’s important to know your options.



There can’t be many amongst us who have not found 2020 to be hard, yet even though the countless challenges, people have adapted, changed, suffered and some have even managed to thrive in our brave new pandemic-ruled world.



As with so many other industries, practices for funerals have had to undergo a transformation to allow for all the risks and restrictions brought to us by Covid-19. It is now possible to look at the growing trends in funerals for this coming year and indeed, for the future. We can see how certain less common practices have become the new norm and are proving very popular as the funeral industry moves forward to serve the living and honour the dead.


Virtual Funerals

Could anyone have imagined that in 2020, virtual funerals and live streaming would not just be growing funeral trends but a ‘must’? Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the popularity of virtual funeral services has exploded and pretty much all crematoriums offer some sort of streaming service. This digital age comes with many benefits, including the ability to attend ceremonies via live stream. You could probably set this up yourself with a smartphone and an app such as the ever-popular Zoom. However, my advice would be to let the crem take the strain!


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Deeply Personalised Funerals

With this new technology comes an exponential rise in deeply personalised services. This rising funeral trend for personalisation is all around us, from photo tributes to detailed orders of service. For my part, it is vital that I gain a complete picture of what kind of ethos you want me to create for your celebration of life service as this is paramount to providing you with an exceptional service. Not everyone wants the same thing.



If you’re a family member planning or arranging a funeral, this is a good funeral trend to take into account while you’re thinking about what you do want. Really, the sky is the limit. Just share your vision and with your help, I will craft a service for you or for your loved one. I will constantly check in with you that I am hitting the mark.



It seems most unlikely that this trend will change, once the pandemic restrictions have reduced. Why would it when people can attend farewells and funerals virtually from almost anywhere around the world, in the comfort of their own homes.


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More Choice for Funerals

Remember, you have the freedom to choose exactly which products and services you think will best meet your needs. I am well placed to present you with an entire range of products from personalised cardboard coffins to biodegradable urns which nurture a sapling from cremated ashes.



For myself, I am a keen supporter of environmentally-friendly funeral practices and of Direct cremation which is the most reasonably priced, carbon-neutral funeral disposal method out there. It’s affordable because the preparation of the body and the costly ceremonies are bypassed – the deceased is cremated “directly” after death with dignity, but no fuss or frills. You can learn more about it on one of my earlier blogs.



The “direct” bit makes this a very low-cost option and that’s another reason why you’ll hear about it more and more as an emerging mainstream funeral trend. Another advantage of this option, aside from the immediate saving which can be more than £3000, is that the family can hold on to the ashes until memorial service or ashes-scattering arrangements can be made. The simplicity makes it a much greener choice too so it’s a win-win.


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It won’t suit everyone of course. I just believe in your right to choose and that means being aware of the choices. Happy 2021.

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