Visual Funeral Tributes – Funeral Slideshows

You’re putting together a very special ceremony – the funeral service for a loved one.  You are not really sure what’s out there but you know you want a really personal sendoff.

How about ordering a visual tribute of photos or funeral slideshow to be shown during the service?

These days, there are many ways to remember a loved one through the wonders of modern technology. For example, during the pandemic, the use of webcasts escalated because hardly anyone was allowed to attend funerals. As a result, people from all over the world can attend as if they are part of the funeral ceremony. Most crematorium chapels have now had cameras installed and they can send out logins and passwords so the service can be watched on smart TVs or computers anywhere at all.

funeral slideshow visual tributes

Funeral Slideshows at the Service

Another option is to order a visual tribute either through your funeral director or directly with the crematorium. This involves a ‘slideshow’ of usually around 25 photos which can either be set to the music of your choice or just run through with a few seconds between each photo.

This gives you the unique opportunity to select and display chosen special photos featuring any aspects of your loved one’s life, from babyhood onwards.  They can shed a glowing light upon the character, personality and special life moments of the person who has died, many of which the gathered mourners can take to their hearts. Often, stories are told through the photos that many people hadn’t known.

I always enjoy visual tributes and try to make sure I am seated where I can get a clear view. These photos along with a reflective piece of music, really create some incredibly special and touching moments to the service which will set it apart in people’s memories.

Funeral Slideshow Tributes can Be Emotional

Of course, some people can find them too touching and they struggle to get through the service because they are overwhelmed with emotion. However, I always encourage my families to recognise the need to mourn someone’s death at their farewell service as well as celebrating their life, because this is proven to help people to come to terms with possibly the most life-changing and distressing event they can ever experience.

Planning ahead for a Funeral Slideshow

I just hope when my loved ones plan my send-off, they choose some good photos of my happy times.  I might even look some out now and put them aside; I know from my experience as a funeral celebrant that being prepared will help them when the time comes.

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