Eternity Funeral Plans

Have you thought about investing in a funeral plan but can’t quite decide which one is the right one for you?

Are there so many to choose from that the task becomes too daunting? Do they seem too pricey and complicated?

Well, here at Caroline James Farewells & Funerals, we believe we’ve found the answer!

The Eternity Funeral Plan.

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We all know that the cost of funerals goes up at an alarming rate every year. We also know that we don’t really want to leave this costly chore to our children to deal with once we are gone. This starts us wondering if we should take the plunge and set this up now. So we start looking at the choices…

At first glance, you may be forgiven for thinking The Eternity Funeral Plan offers the same as most of the others and in fact it does… with one very specific and spectacular difference. If not called upon, they offer a FULL REFUND AFTER FIFTEEN YEARS PLUS A FUNERAL PLEDGE to prove their commitment to fairness and transparency.

What does this mean in plain English? Well, if you are still alive 15 years after you took your plan out and haven’t thankfully had to call on it, you will get a REFUND OF ALL MONIES PAID IN, and they will STILL PAY FOR THE FUNERAL just as you originally planned when that day eventually arrives! Fantastic isn’t it!

eternity funeral plans pricing

eternity funeral plans pricing prestige package

The various funeral plan packages have been put together to cater for all ages, circumstances and budgets but if you do have any questions, I’m happy to answer them for you!

Pricing? I can say with conviction that these funeral plans are extremely competitively priced and have some really good, affordable choices; something for everyone. Also, if you buy a joint plan with your partner, you get a 5% discount on the total price! That’s as well as being up to 17% cheaper for the same services and top quality as their competitors!

should you invest in a funeral plan?

If you click on their website, you can get more info about the different plans, read some reviews as well as getting lots of answers from their FAQs page.
I am thrilled to announce that I am a supplier of this top-notch product so please call me if you want to chat it through or have any concerns or questions.

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Don’t wait any longer, do it now! Or click on the link, have a look at the great offers and quote ‘Caroline James’ to get things moving. Time to start your fifteen-year countdown…!

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